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  • Provisional Psychologist
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Child Therapy – Mental Health Articles

12 August

The term “daddy issues” is one you have probably heard a couple of times, as it has been used very loosely – and often wrongly, to describe a lot of people, mostly women who have “weird” relationship habits.

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17 June

Young children sometimes find it challenging to identify how they’re feeling and how to express them. Children’s books about feelings are an excellent way to teach them to identify and manage their feelings.

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20 May

A panic attack is a sudden, intense feeling of fear or anxiety. It can come on without warning and can be very overwhelming. Symptoms of a panic attack may include:

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06 May

Let’s face it; the dark can be scary! But night lights have come to the rescue. These “fun” lights make children feel safe and comfortable as they drift into dreamland.

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08 April

Have you ever had to pick a blanket and found yourself struggling to choose between cozy or functional blankets? Well, you’re in luck because weighted blankets are the solution to your dilemma. They are not only comfy but functional too.

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25 March

Parents who suspect their child is struggling with gender identity or are concerned this could be an issue as they grow should address the situation.

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21 March

Ever noticed your child just tapping their fingers, bouncing their knee, or twirling their hair? The small movements of restlessness are called “Fidgeting.”

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10 December

How Can You Establish Healthy Sleep Practices for Your Child Based on Different Age/Development Stages?

Sleep is important for people of all ages.

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19 November

One of the most difficult challenges of being a parent is having to leave your child. For many working parents this is a daily activity.

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12 November

tend to have a high measure of self-esteem. At this stage, it is easy to notice when kids feel good about themselves- and when they don’t.

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