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The Child Therapy List

The Child Therapy List – Mental Health Professional Directory

The Child Therapy List is a global, online, professional directory and content resource focused on supporting parents and caregivers with your child’s mental health and wellness.

Our site strives to provide parents and caregivers who are looking for support and guidance with helpful information and links to professionals who offer child competent services.

It takes courage and knowledge to be an effective advocate for a child. Often there is stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy to overcome. Research, articles, interviews and stories demystify and normalize mental health treatment for children. Our aim is to help you build your understanding and effectiveness as advocates and find the right professional and therapy for your child.

Founders, Kim Curd and Dale Curd

Kim Curd

Dale Curd


Fifteen years ago, our child spent most every school day of grade three in the hallway and helping sort mail in the office, instead of being in class. A behavioral assessment led us to therapy and there we found refuge for us all. In therapy, I watched both of our children become peaceful and empowered about their own life. It took us questioning the system and questioning our own comfort zones to get them help.



  • “One in five children has a diagnosable mental health condition and the majority of them will live undiagnosed and untreated.
  • At least eighty-five percent of children in need of treatment do not get it.
  • More than half of mental illness emerges before the age of fourteen, so getting children the help they need, in addition to ameliorating their immediate suffering, can also prevent future pain.
  • The result of not getting help can be dire, as suicide is now the second leading cause of death for those between the ages of ten and thirty-four.”
    – Stanford Social Innovation, Spring 2019


Some of you might be looking for expansion and support, for your child and your self. Some of you might have received a diagnosis for your child that you are seeking to understand and come to terms with and some of you might be at the beginning; looking for information and professional help to navigate the truth your child is telling you, either through their words or behaviour.

The Child Therapy List is a resource of original articles, infographics and interviews written for parents and caregivers, paired with a directory of accredited professionals who specialize in working with children.

We hope you will find support and comfort here. One day, mental wellness will be considered as normal to children’s health as going to the doctor or dentist. Until that time, as parents and caregivers, we must help ourselves and each other, to help our children.

The Child Therapy List is here to help you find the help your child needs.

With love,
Kim & Dale Curd